Ara Hajian, Owner of The Hub Gallery (Los Angeles)

The Hub Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) is owned and operated by Ara Hajian, a second generation fine art/antiques dealer who has been collecting antiques himself since the age of six.  Ara Hajian was fortunate enough to have been essentially born into the business. Growing up in an environment surrounded by a wealth of fine antiques and art, Ara was always fascinated with the beauty and history behind the pieces in his father’s collection and over the years managed to develop an impeccable eye for quality and rarity.

Ara’s father George Hajian opened his shop, Coliseum Antiques, nearly 40 years ago, and it is still in business today making it one of the longest operating independent antique galleries in Southern California. His specialty is 19th & 18th c. Continental European and Russian paintings, furniture, sculpture and other decorative objects, but the breadth of his knowledge and experience transcends the core focus of the collection. George Hajian has dealt in a variety of exquisite artifacts, from important Egyptian antiquities to historically important Modern works. From Imperial Faberge objects to rare Mayan Jaina figures.

Ara’s vision for The Hub Gallery (aka; The Hub) is to incorporate his years of experience and knowledge with true, high quality antiques gleaned from his father, George Hajian into a more contemporary, 21st c. setting. By adding rare and unusual pieces dating from the early 20th c. to more contemporary times, Ara Hajian has created a venue that showcases one of the most fascinating and eclectic mixes of high quality and unique art and furniture anywhere in Los Angeles. Whether a designer or a collector, you can surely find your ultimate “conversation pieces” at The Hub Gallery.